French Poodle Salad

This salad requires the AMAZING dressing from the French Poodle Restaurant in Carmel, CA. It's unlike any dressing you've ever had. I have no idea what is in it, but it is DELICIOUS. You can order it online here. This restaurant was a favorite of my grandfather and father. I ate there when I was in high school and was introduced to their delicious salad! I cannot recall exactly how they serve it, but this is what I do...and my mom eats this as many times a week as she can!

Butterleaf/Boston Bib Lettuce (must use this kind)
hard boiled eggs diced
shredded carrots
diced apples (optional)
craisins (optional)
pecorino romano cheese (optional)
freshly ground pepper
French Poodle Dressing

-Note: This salad tastes best if you toss the salad with the dressing before serving. This also makes the dressing go further. Enjoy!

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