Tomato Caprese Salad

Summer gardens make this dish a must!  I actually have producing tomato plants this year--Yahoo!  This dish apparently sends my husband back to Italy :-)  There are a lot of fun ways to present this, but I prefer the simple bite-size family style dish.

Fresh Tomatoes, diced (any variety, cherry, yellow pear, etc)
Fresh Mozzerella balls, diced into bite sized pieces
Fresh Basil, sliced into thin ribbon threads (as much as you want.  I like A LOT)
Balsamic Vinegar (reduced balsamic is even better in my opinion)
salt (if your salad tastes bland, add more of this.  It really makes a difference)
freshly ground pepper
-Toss and serve.
-Note: garden tomatoes are best of course, but Costco or Sams Club "Campari" tomatoes are a very close 2nd.

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