Cookie Scoops

GOOD Cooking Tools definitely make kitchen time more enjoyable, faster, and easier.  I get very frustrated when things don't work and purchasing a cheap tool is fine as long as it works!  So I have some cheap tools, but I also have some more expensive tools since I've learned the hard way that it PAYS to PAY more!

I have not bought every brand of cookie scoop out there, but I thought I'd at least share three brands that I have used.  Two of them did not last long and were easily bent and harder to use with each additional use.  Those brands are Crestware and Inox.  I have had a GREAT experience with the Piazza Brand (purchased at Williams Sonoma or Amazon).  These are definitely more expensive than the cheaper versions, but the price is worth it when it outlasts the other brands!  

I currently have 2 Piazza brand cookie scoops in a small and medium size.  The smaller one I use mainly for cookies (makes for nice consistent cookie size) and the other one I use for making cupcakes or muffins.

 This cheap one bent above scoop and is hard to use now.  This happened about after the 10th use.

This cheaper one has been bent below edge and doesn't completely clear scoop cup so it doesn't really scoop at all.  This happened early on into ownership as well.  Frustrating!

Brand:  Piazza (two scoops at far right)-Buy it and Enjoy it!!!
Brand: Crestware-don't recommend
Brand: INOX-don't recommend

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