Trader Joes!

Where to start?  Here are just a few Trader Joe items you may want to try!

Coconut Cream is often hard to find. Great for Indian and Thai cooking. This is also tasty in smoothies.

This veggie broth is darker in color and more robust in flavor than your average brands.

These fruit bars have only two ingredients: Apple and Mango. No added sugar, dye, or preservatives.

I love this Soyaki sauce! It's great as a marinade for steak (I like to use thinly cut flank steak for a beef stir fry served over rice). It also makes a great teriyaki sauce for salmon.

With a hint of mustard, the Carolina Gold BBQ sauce is one of our favorites!

The Roasted Garlic & Onion Jam is to die for! It's great as an accompaniment with bread and cheeses. Try it on a gourmet hamburger with your favorite brie cheese and a little bacon!

The Caramel Sauce and Fudge Sauces could make concrete taste good. We fight over who gets to enjoy the spoon that's been used to serve the sauce!

These spreads are great with any Greek platters, pitas, crackers, bread, etc. Try them on your panini or regular sandwiches.

Use on waffles, tarts, crepes, fruit pizza, filling for cupcakes and cakes. Delicious with berries!

This Sriracha BBQ sauce is quite addictive with a sweet flavor up front and a kick at the end! It's great on beef brisket, pulled pork or chicken sandwiches.

TJ's spices are really high quality for a low price.

This shelf stable whipping cream is a cook's best friend. There's often times when I need whipping cream and don't have any in the fridge.

The Handmade Flour Tortillas taste truly homemade. They don't have the pasty flavor of Mission tortillas and don't have the preservative-y taste either.

I love popcorn as a healthy snack. This version is great because it skips the butter calories in favor of herbs and spices.

These don't have any added sugar although they are plenty sweet since they're made from juice concentrates.

This is hands down the best store spiced apple cider! It's delicious cold; however, it makes a great hot cider. I use this in making wassail which is a winter staple.

It's always nice to have a good pie crust on hand to simplify some desserts. This one has a more buttery flavor and browns nicely, although this BUTTER HOMEMADE CRUST is always better!

For French Macaron fans, these are beautiful.  Avoid the stress of making your own--they are very tricky to make, I've tried!  Look in the Freezer section. These are a great Gluten Free dessert!

As good as Haagen Daz, this ice cream is for those who will appreciate it!

The best Mint Chip ice cream in my sister's opinion.  I prefer mint chip ice cream with smaller chocolate pieces, but this is good.

For a quick dinner, TJ pizza's are nice to have on hand.
Our favorite frozen pizza!

While you can buy hash browns anywhere, I'm partial to these.

These cookies come in Myer Lemon, Coconut, and Triple Ginger. I love serving the Lemon ones with my frozen berry yogurt. The coconut ones are a great foundation for individual cheesecakes (add some lime zest and juice to the cheesecake for a yummy Coconut Lime Cheesecake).

This shrimp makes great fish tacos with a cabbage slaw. You can also pair this with an Asian chili sauce for an appetizer.

I have an addiction!

TJ fries are just really tasty.  Just bake them in your oven and you have a tasty side dish with your favorite burger.

Great plain or with cheese spreads.  These seem very weird and you may be hesitant to try, but be daring and give them a try.  They just may become your favorite.

The best prepared Spinach/Artichoke dip. Keep in the freezer and just microwave for a quick appetizer with chips or bread.

Great crackers for appetizers

I love the Dark Chocolate Truffle bar. Hide it so it doesn't disappear without you getting some!

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  1. I love that you posted about Trader Joe's musts. I haven't been to Trader Joe's in over 4 years and I've been thinking it's time to finally check it out, and now I know what to buy. Thanks Lars!