Pesto Zucchini Pasta with Grilled Chicken

This is a simple easy meal to throw together.  The one necessary kitchen tool is a spirualizer (or you could purchase already spiraled zucchini noodles at your grocery store).  DO NOT cook the zucchini!!!  This creates a watery and mushy nasty mess!  I often grill large quantities of chicken and then freeze cooked chicken in meal size portions.  Then I can just pull it out when I need it to make this meal all the more simple to put together.

1.  Spiralize zucchini.  
2.  Top raw zucchini pasta with a warmed pesto sauce 
                 (I add cream to Costco's pesto sauce and warm that up).
3.  Top with grilled chicken  
                 (I usually marinate mine in salt/pepper/lime juice)
4.  Enjoy!

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