Forrest's Lime Dressing

My father-in-law created this healthy dressing that makes any combination of steamed vegetables taste fabulous! I also use the spice mix in a bunch of other recipes...

1 cup extra virgin olive oil
½ cup fresh lime juice (or lemon)
1 heaping TBS Forrest Herb Mix
2 TBS Braggs Aminos (or soy sauce)

Forrest Herb Mix
1 cup Tone’s Herb and Garlic
1 cup Tone's Cajun Seasoning
½ cup Tone’s or McCormick’s Lemon Pepper
½ cup Tone’s or McCormick’s Canadian Chicken Seasoning
½ cup Tone’s Steak Seasoning
¼ cup Tone’s Ground Cumin
¼ cup ground Mexican Oregano (in bagged spice area of grocery store)

-Mix spices all together in large bowl. Store spice mix in a 1 quart canning jar.

-Note: Tone’s spices have less additives and are found at Sam’s Club. McCormick spices are found at Costco

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