Homemade Applesauce

I went to a canning class the other day on applesauce. I hadn't tasted homemade applesauce in YEARS, and I was reminded of how amazingly GOOD it is! Below is my friend's favorite apple ratio blend. When I made my own the other day I only used five kinds of apples and it still tasted great. It is delicious all by itself or on top of pancakes/waffles or warm gingerbread cake!

Apple Ratio:
Fuji (30%)
Yellow (Golden) Delicious (20%)
Gala (20%)
Winesap (10%)
McIntosh (10%)
Jonathon (10%)
-Can also substitute honeycrisp, pink lady, or Braeburn apples for one of your ratios...

I'm not going to go into canning details...but I will just give you a basic guideline if you want to have some on hand in your fridge or freeze it (which is what I did most recently since I don't have all the canning equipment--and it is easier!). Note: It took 14 apples to make the quantity in the picture above.

1. Peel and core all your apples. Cut into large chunks and place into large cooking pot with 1/4 c. water and cinnamon (if desired). No sugar or salt is necessary. Cover pan with tight fitting lid and cook them for 20 minutes on Medium-High. Turn off heat and just let it sit on your stove steaming until it cools down a bit.
2. Blend cooked apples and their juices to desired consistency (pulse for chunky applesauce or blend for awhile to get baby-food like applesauce.
3. Pour into storage containers. If freezing, make sure to let applesauce cool down to room temperature and label container before placing into freezer.

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