Oatmeal for 30 days for family of 6

Here's a picture, list of ingredients, and cost of preparing oatmeal for my family of 6 for 30 days using food storage. There is actually more cinnamon, brown sugar, or salt than I'd actually use, but I think "planning" visually is much easier this way and keeping track of my inventory to make sure I do indeed have enough food. I have all the supplies as food storage for emergencies, and rotating the ingredients before expiration dates is easy since I use all the ingredients in many other recipes.

20 lbs whole or 1 minute oats
7 lbs. brown sugar
16 oz. vanilla
2.25 lbs. raisins
1 lb. salt

$33 for all ingredients (items purchased at Sams or Costco)
6 people for 30 meals = $1.10 per meal or .20 per person

-When I prepare oatmeal, I DO NOT cook it. I merely poor in boiling water (or hot milk), salt, and vanilla and let oatmeal sit for 5 minutes to soften oats (this will prevent "gluey" oatmeal). 1 Minute oats get VERY soft with this method and Whole Oats get a more muesli-like texture. Then I sprinkle on desired toppings!

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