Summer Fruit Mix

We had this fruit combination every summer growing of course I have to make it every summer. It reminds me of mowing lawns, turkey sandwiches, and night-games with the neighborhood kids! We ate it just as is, but you can also serve the fruit with some vanilla yogurt if you wish.

Honeydew melon
Cantelope melon
Red Grapes

-A hint I've learned from my mother-in-law: squeeze some lime juice over your cut melon pieces. It makes them taste delicious. I always do this when my melon isn't as flavorful as I would like (like the cantelope pictured :-) )


  1. I love fresh fruit salad. Yours looks delicious. We had strawberries and watermelon for dinner tonight. I can't wait to get strawberries out of our own garden!

  2. I like the pudgy hand reaching in!