Oreo Cupcakes

Sometimes you just need a picture to inspire!

I love looking at beautiful cupcakes.  This is so simple yet fun.  This is also a post to let everyone know that I don't always make "EVERYTHING" from scratch.  It is kind of funny to find out what people thing goes on in my kitchen sometimes!  

If you have never used Dream Whip, it is AWESOME.  I basically only use two kinds of frosting:  Cream Cheese, and Dream Whip.  I love how light and fluffy the Dream Whip Pudding frosting is.  Warning:  It does take a LONG time to beat, so make sure you follow directions as stated on box which is 4-6 minutes.  There are several different recipes on the box, so make sure you use the "Fluffy Frosting" recipe that calls for  instant pudding.  I also use this to make vanilla frosting or any kind you'd like.  You just vary the pudding flavor.

Betty Crocker Double Chocolate Muffin Mix
Dream Whip Fluffy Pudding Frosting using chocolate instant pudding 
(used ziploc bag--cutting corner tip--to dispense frosting)
Oreo garnish
(Cut Oreo's in 1/4ths using a serrated knife and zest or grate for oreo crumb dusting)

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