Peas and Carrots

This is a repost...Apparently this is by far my most viewed page.  Apparently people eat a lot of peas and carrots!  I'm also reposting since my wonderul little sister has helped create a new logo for me (did you notice?) and also a monogram for my food pics!

We probably eat steamed broccoli with our meals 70% of the time. Steamed peas and carrots are probably the next most common steamed vegetable side dish.

Two Ways I season after steaming:
1. Simple but tasty: salt, pepper, and a little whipped butter these sweet veggies can stand on their own feet!  For a meal or great lunch take along...add a little rice sprinkled with lemon pepper.  YUM! 
2. or with Forrest's Lime Dressing (drizzle on after you steam veggies).

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